Frequently Asked Questions

Do tradies and other businesses register with you?

No. All businesses listed have been added by reviewers. We do not take registrations and we do not solicit reviews from businesses. Our site is free to use.

Will the tradie know who is putting in the review?

Not if you pick a user name different to your own name. Your user name appears next to your review, so if you don’t want to be identified, choose a generic or non-identifying user name.

Can tradies write lots of reviews for their business?

We have a number of checks in place to help stop this. To add a review you need to be registered with a unique, valid email address. We also check every review before it’s published to make sure it conforms to our terms and conditions. If we have any issues we will contact you to check the details. If you believe a review is not genuine, please contact us and let us know.

Can I write a negative review?

Yes. Your review should be an honest account of your personal experience with the particular business.

As part our terms and conditions you cannot use an individual’s name, defamatory or false information, so when writing your review, it’s best to refer to either a generic trade, for example the plumbing company, or use the business name, for example Sky Landscaping Design.

Read our full terms and conditions for more information.

Can I be contacted from the details in my review by a tradie or other reviewers?

No, you are not able to be contacted by a tradie or other reviewers from the details in your review. If you want to remain anonymous, use a non-identifying user name.

The reviewatradie team will email you to confirm your review has been uploaded to the site. We may also email you if we have a question regarding your review, or if there are issues relating to your user name and password.

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