Home maintenance tips

Getting rid of the green monster on paint work

By 'green monster' we mean that creepy green mould that spreads over your concrete and nice white paint work during the wetter months.

I've found that 30 SECONDS® outdoor cleaner is one product that works well to clean off the mould and keep it away for a reasonable time. Follow the directions though, as it is very harsh on plants and clothes. I always cover plants with a plastic sheet until I rinse off the solution.

An effective way to clean glass shower screens

Sprinkle bicarb of soda on a cloth, then white vinegar over the top so that is fizzes. Wipe the cloth over the screen. Then rinse with water. You’ll need to be fairly generous with this to cover the whole screen.

This method is effective at keeping the soap scum at bay and environmentally friendly.

An effective way to clean bathroom mirrors and windows

Mix the following in a spray bottle you can pick up at supermarkets or discount shops:

1 part methylated spirits
2 parts water

Spray over the mirror and wipe off with a paper towel. I’ve found this to be the easiest way to keep glass clean and streak free.

How to get rid of marks on walls

I’ve used two methods to keep marks on walls at bay.

  1. A rubber - great on paper, but I’ve had success using it to rub out pencil, pen and finger marks on walls.
  2. Baby wipes – great for babies as well as getting greasy marks off walls, kitchen cupboards and fridges.

An effective way to clean wooden floors

In half a bucket of water, poor 1 cup of white vinegar. Using either a micro fibre mop or sponge mop, dip the mop in the bucket and wring out as much as possible so that most of the water has been removed.

Mop wooden floors and leave to dry. Open your windows and doors to help the drying process or if you have fans, turn these on.

This method does a great job of cleaning and disinfecting your floors, as well as leaving them with a beautiful shine. It’s also environmentally friendly and cheap.

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