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What do tradies charge?

Good question. Not an easy answer. There is no general guide to rates per hour that
tradies will charge for work on residential properties. We contacted Fair Work Australia, Fair Work Building and Contracting Federation, the Independent Contractors hotline, Master Builders and a few more state and territory authorities. They all said the same thing – it’s market driven.

Generally speaking, cost per hour depends on a number of factors:

  • experience
  • insurance and liability costs
  • cost of tools
  • labour costs including apprentices
  • type of job

Whether you are trying to price a major renovation or you just need a couple of power points put in, the best approach is to get at least two quotes in writing, ask lots of question like the ones in 5 tips when employing tradies, check references and, of course, check reviews from

Don’t forget to add your own review once the job is completed. There’s nothing like a recommendation (or warning) when you’re paying good money to have something fixed.